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Michael Savage Podcast
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The Michael Savage Phenomenon: Why America Listens to Michael Savage

Michael Savage breaks all the rules, is abrasive, oftentimes offensive; some people get upset at the very mention of his name.  Yet he is heard by millions of listeners religiously, politically incorrect though he may be. 

Michael Savage informs, entertains, takes no prisoners, yells, gets irate, and speaks with complete candor and passion.  You may not like Michael Savage; you may get angry at some of the things he has said and done, but you cannot argue with his success. 

Why has Michael Savage succeeded beyond the wildest expectations of anyone?  Why does his following continue to grow?  He's the man everyone is listening to, but few will admit to listening to. What is it about Michael Savage that has created this baffling phenomenon and why is his show worth listening to?

First:  Michael Savage is bold and believes in what he is saying.  He is willing to say the things that others cannot.  He's not an entertainer; he's not putting on a show; he doesn't care if you agree with him or not; and he's not bound by society's rules of what is and is not polite to mention. The rest of us are indeed bound by these rules in our everyday actions; we must make sure we do not offend or tell other people what we really think.  We listen to Michael Savage and marvel at his jaw-dropping statements and his utter brazenness as he says and continues to say things that guarantee that he will not find a place as a CNN anchor any time soon. 

Second:  Michael Savage is human.  He is imperfect.  He has made mistakes.  But he does care about our country and about people.  He also tells us about his family (and his pet dog), including a brother who was mentally challenged. 

Third: Michael Savage is intelligent.  Read articles about Michael and you will find out that he has been down many roads in life, has spent years in the academic world.  Listen to Michael and you will find a wealth of information and a remarkable ability to hold forth on virtually any topic. 

Fourth: Surprise - Michael Savage can be very funny, though it's not a side he shows the world every day.  Faithful listeners, however, are rewarded with the occasional comment that can have you on the floor laughing, or a dead-on imitation when Michael breaks out of his New York accent to take on another perfectly, with cutting humor (notably, the preacher). 

A message to Michael Savage Bashers:  Listen to Michael Savage with an open mind, instead of just adding him to your knee-jerk hate-list right above Rush Limbaugh (another person from whom you can greatly benefit by listening to with an open mind!). You might just learn something.

Michael Savage Podcast
Michael Savage Podcast

Biography of Michael Savage
Dr. Michael Savage

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Talk Radio - Keep Free Speech in America
Michael Savage's, as in the words from the movie "Network," has "articulated the popular rage."
Michael is intelligent, real, somewhat isolated because of his work and his personality, and he loves his dog.  He is not a perfect man, and neither are the rest of us.  His quick mind is joy to listen to, time and time again. He's there faithfully speaking 5 nights a week, 3 hours at a shot - who among us has the talent equal to hold forth like that? That is no easy job.
Thank you to all the radio stations who still dare to keep him on the radio - because we, the public, want him to stay there.
Michael's defense of Don Imus is most noteworthy in his stating that taking away a man's livelihood is the equivalent of killing him.  We all know how true that is.  He pointed out the many double standards in this situation where the punishment was too harsh for the crime.
We know Michael's harshness often alienates a lot of people - but at the same time, somehow, as long as it does not go too far, it is part of what makes him so listenable.  For anyone who criticizes Michael Savage for these things - I don't hear people criticizing those who are a lot harsher and truly vulgar.  Those shockjocks get only the mildest of rebukes that no one takes seriously. 
It's a good thing that Michael Savage is on the radio - that's how we know that free speech is still in session.

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